Here’s some background. Kimberly is single and looking for a Mr. Kimberly to make her life complete. She’s a great gal; she’s got looks, smarts, and heart. Emily is her best friend; she’s along for the ride. She listens, advises and enjoys watching Kimberly as she dates her way through the eligible young bachelors of Miami.

There’s just one problem. Emily had a recent mind-altering experience that threatens her relationship with Kimberly. It’s not that they grew apart exactly; it’s her new philosophy that’s completely at odds with the role a best friend plays when one of those best friends is looking for love.

In another era, Emily may have been influenced by the words of Emily Dickinson. But it’s 2012 and Emily found life-changing wisdom when actor Justin Long gave voice to a profound cultural observation: “He’s just not that into you.

It’s a line from a movie with the same name. “He’s just not that into you” is the delusion-buster that slaps a woman on the side of her head, and tells her it’s time to quit chasing after a disinterested man and move on. Not exactly what Kimberly wants to hear on day six after a great date with a guy who has not yet texted or called.

So when the future Mr. Kimberly finally did call, Emily re-examined her pop culture philosophy. She decided to go back to being a positive encouraging force in the lives of people she touches, not a negative one. There’s only One true “know-it-all” and God’s got this one. Judgment day will come and it won’t be Emily sitting on the throne.


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