Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to watch people’s actions through binoculars because it was the only time she could see people behaving naturally. Just being Jackie caused  anyone who saw her to point and stare. To be sure, celebrity has its downside.

It’s obvious how fame affects the behavior of the fan. But how does it affect the behavior of the superstar? Sadly, there are too many examples of the ultra-successful gaining bad habits that bring on bad behavior. It seems we’re just one newscast away from watching Lindsay Lohan implode when she’s out “partying” with friends.

Yet, people are people as the saying goes. Famous or not we all answer to the One Same God. And He has behavioral expectations from each and everyone of us: Be kind, do for others, show compassion for the less fortunate. Our faith is a constant reminder to behave. There is some One we need to answer to.

When Jackie Kennedy Onassis was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, her faith was renewed. She became more spiritual, more God-centered than she ever had been in different life stages. It was said the end of her days was her greatest blessing. She died in the company of her family and friends, with God by her side.

Jackie was always a perfect example of good behavior. You can learn something new from the examples set by larger-than-life celebrities. Even when the lesson is what not to do, examples are great teachers. Set your own good example in this star-studded world. Renew your faith and honor God with good behavior.

– Prayables

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