She’s a crafty one. Not in the sly like a fox kind of way; but creative, like Martha Stewart. Pauline loves to make things. She spends her free time refinishing yard sales finds, crocheting and planning a dinner party—with place cards!

‘Ya gotta love the type who relax by working. But what about the ones who can barely drag two cheeks off the couch on a Sunday? Is there one type who makes a more worthy role model?

Pauline knows her bible and she’ll tell you, “The Lord declared the Seventh day as a day off from work.” She goes on to explain, “Doing what I love is not work.” And then there’s Claudine, she cops to being of the Sabbath sloucher variety. “Rest, means one thing and one thing only—napping!”

Think about how you interpret the meaning of the Sabbath. Are you a Sabbath extremist, lightweight, or somewhere comfortably in the middle? Activity wise, there may not be one right way to spend the Sabbath. Spiritually wise, we can all agree the Sabbath is about God. Praising Him, honoring Him with our prayers and studying His teachings.

Appreciate the Sabbath and make it special. Holiness doesn’t come from a day on the calendar, it comes from within.

– Prayables

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