You never know who is including you in their daily prayers, but someone, somewhere, always is.

Eva’s banking on it; she’s a prayer junkie. With 22 prayer sites bookmarked, her computer is the Grand Central Station of prayer requests. Her petitions depart each day from New Jersey and arrive in Sacramento, New Delhi, and beyond.

If Eva is dispatch, Marnie is routing. She is chair of the prayer ministry at her church. Her team takes on prayer requests from a dozen different sources including a large Internet website that forwards requests like Eva’s to the capable souls at places like Marnie’s church, Community Lutheran.

Then there’s Tammy. She takes a direct route. She could be driving in her car when she spots someone on the street. She gets an urge to send a prayer their way just because they might need it. She prays for the pedestrian, a woman looking out a bus window, and a man stuck in traffic.

How often do pray for others? Maybe you include a prayer for peace in your daily devotional, or you pray for the lonely, the orphan, and the stranger. Next time, take an extra minute to think about who it is you may praying for; a troubled teenager, a war refugee, or a battered wife. It could be your prayers that reach the heavens, bounce back down, and bring someone peace of mind, security, and the will to live another day.

You are always in someone’s daily prayers. Return the favor.

– Prayables

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