Jenar is a teenager who lives on the south side of Chicago.  He’s 6’3, 270 pounds. Remember these stats, you’ll need them later on in the story.  It was early one Friday morning and he was riding the #36 bus down Broadway. It was not his lucky day.

He decided to rob somebody and he chose Linette, a passenger sitting in the middle section. Jenar’s victim was fifty, feisty, and fed up. Her email had just been hacked, and someone recently broke in to her apartment.

Jenar reached into her bag, took her wallet, and jumped out the rear door of the bus. Linette followed him. Some of us are thinking, “What’s the logistics of this chase? What was she wearing? Heels or flats? What about her purse? Any chance she had on a mini pad? (Last time I ran to catch a train…)”

No report on dribbles, but we do know she wore a skirt with knee-high boots and an overcoat. She ditched her bag. Linette chased Jenar for close to a mile. Two bystanders joined her in pursuit. They cornered him twice, and finally, just as police arrived, Jenar gave back the wallet.

What did Linette say when she confronted the young thief? “God wants you to give me back my wallet. Please give me back my wallet. I need it.

One misguided youth and one determined woman. Somehow it makes sense that God enters the picture. It was dangerous, and not very smart for Linette to go after Jenar. She was fortunate that he didn’t become violent. But standing up to injustice was exactly what Linette needed. Hopefully it was just what Jenar needed too, in order to turn his life around.

– Prayables

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