Look, bud, I said ‘Your money or your life.‘” Jack Benny, the legendary tightwad pauses and says, “I’m thinking it over.” Great gag! It would be tough to find anyone who would seriously consider choosing money over his or her own life. Yet every single day life decisions are made with money in mind.

Linda chose to go the tightwad route when her son Jon asked her to help out with his rent. He wanted to go to culinary school. While she knew a career change could be good for Jon, Linda just didn’t want to part with her hard-earned money.

But keeping her bank balance healthy is just one of the reasons why she said no. Linda believes that being generous with her money isn’t always the best way to build character and teach good values to her children. Jon needs to learn that it’s up to him to plan and save in order to make opportunities happen.

Your money or your life? That’s really not the question that needs answering. It’s more like, “How can your money improve life?” God knows, sometimes the answer is in giving, and sometimes it’s in keeping.

– Prayables

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