Can you name a popular office game played in cubicles and conference rooms? If you guessed pop-a-shot, where crumpled up paper lands efficiently in the farthest garbage can… you’re only partially correct. Here’s a hint: Hipsters vs Honchos.

Still don’t have it?  It’s “Corporate Lingo Bingo.” That’s the game where employees create a bingo card with squares containing the business clichés they expect to hear when there’s a team pow-wow.

Bored employees use this diversion to keep themselves amused and alert during mind-numbing meetings. Imagine hearing words like paradigm shift, leverage, and functionality in a ten-minute time span. Aaack! Mocking the guilty speaker is one way to fight back. Another is to zone out and think about your grocery list, the next vacation or any one of the endless items flowing through your mind stream.

The mistakes that are so obvious in the business world can sometimes elude us in our personal lives. How clear, honest, and direct are you when it comes to communicating with the people you know and love?  One weary wife, asked her husband to “talk to me like you talk to your customers.” Lately her hubby has an edge to his tone of voice that’s hurtful. In a business setting he sounds like a different person, kind and thoughtful. Why the personality shift when he’s talking to the woman he loves?

Think about the Lingo Bingo card a loved one would create for you. Is it filled with positive and encouraging words? Do the words you use most often, truly reflect the kind and considerate person you strive to be? Take it one step further and create a Lingo Bingo card for your spiritual conversations. Are your squares loaded with self-centered phrases and meaningless clichés?

Begin a new habit of speaking from the heart. With fresh language you can improve the way you speak and the way you pray. Whether you’re talking to a co-worker, family member, or God Himself, use heart-felt lingo to enlighten and delight. You’ll find better words contribute to a better you.


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