This is why I don’t like to watch T.V.” Olivia was practically shouting to her husband as she watched yet another political commercial she’s seen umpteen times before. Commercials are bad enough, (unless they’re funny) but the commercials for political candidates are unbearable.

She has an idea! It’s brilliant really— why shouldn’t commercials openly compete in the free market? It’s the idea “dujour” with a twist. Dems and Pubs are yapping about competition being the answer to our economic woes. Olivia believes if we all had more of a choice to watch, or not watch a given commercial, they’d all be much better.

You’re enjoying your guilty pleasure…Desperate Housewives is on.  Interruption. It’s Romney again with video footage and boring comments about his marriage – zap! Back to Wisteria Lane.  Next is a commercial for Obama. Adam Sandler is doing stand-up for the incumbent seeking re-election – give me more!

It’s nice to be in control. God had it right when he gave us free will. It’s not easy to make hard choices, but it’s the perfect way to live a life of value.


BONUS – QUIZ! Take the fun and informative Politc-O-Matic quiz. See which side of the aisle you sit on!

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