She pretended she didn’t live in suburbia. She’s an urban kind of gal, but somehow ended up 60 minutes by commuter train from the glamor of the big city. Better schools, bigger house for the buck and a long list of other practical reasons caused Terri and her husband to settle in Long Island, NY.

Kids are grown, Terri and her hubby are nearing retirement. They’re considering a move. But it’s not a high-rise they’re thinking about. Like so many of their empty-nester friends, they’re staying in their neighborhood. Terri and her husband made a pact recently to live the suburban life differently. That means minimal driving, more walking, biking, and riding public buses. It’s a radical statement for two upper middle class sixty-somethings.

It started last July. Terri was driving her Lexus SUV to the health club. The windows were closed and Star 99.1, her favorite Christian rock station, was blasting from the car stereo. Casting Crowns was playing and Terri was singing along, belting out a chorus of praise for the beauty of God’s world.

That’s when it dawned on her. How could she fully participate in the world around her when she was cooped up in an air-conditioned car? Not to mention the health benefits she was missing out on driving to exercise. From that moment on, she decided to leave the car at home as much as possible and to more fully use the two legs God gave her.

She’s healthier, happier and spiritually stronger. She has new experiences when she stops to pet a dog, or say hello to a neighbor. Terri and her husband are getting the perks of an active city life while enjoying the benefits of a more relaxed pace in the suburbs.

God is all around you. Take time to notice. And while you’re at it, trade in the gas guzzler for people powered transportation— you’ll be grateful you did.


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