“Lacey Horwitch’s mother feels like she doesn’t have time to pray.”

Lisa was sitting in her car Sunday morning, reading the paper and killing time until 11:30 when her youngest would be ready to be picked up from basketball practice. She opened a section of the Tribune and saw an article about Lacey Horwitch, a young girl from the next suburb over who has a rare blood disease.

Lisa heard about Lacey from postings on her Facebook page and group emails. But when she read the mom’s quote about not having time to pray, she realized, she never stopped to think about Lacey’s family and their prayer life. How intriguing that the journalist took a different angle when she reported the story. In other papers you could read about auctions, donor drives, and fund-raisers for Lacey. Manya Brachear went deeper. She interviewed the family’s Rabbi and Lacey’s mom Laura.

Laura went on to explain how she felt about prayer. To her, a conversation with God seems less constructive than a conversation with her other two daughters, or making sure someone is at the hospital sitting by Lacey’s bedside. No judgment. It’s not an absence of faith that Laura is describing when she talks about skipping prayer. It’s because of her faith she’s taking practical actions during her daughter’s illness.

Her Rabbi, Carl Wolkin says, “Having hope is a prayer itself.” The Rabbi reminds us of the prayer Moses said when he was praying for his sister Miriam. It’s a real time saver, the shortest prayer in the Bible: “Please, God. Please heal her.” Try it for yourself. Try it for Lacey.

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