Sondra didn’t like the tone of this conversation at all. First of all, it was the Sabbath and Robert was grumbling. “My kids decided to join another church nearby, not ours.” Ever cheerful, and with complete sincerity, Sondra replied, “That’s wonderful that they’re church-goers. It’s heartening to see young people interested enough to support a church.”

Robert’s complaints about his children choosing their own place to worship, made Sondra feel real bad. Jealous even. Not one of her five children had stepped inside a church in years.  Not for lack of trying on her part. As far back as she could remember it was a struggle to get the kids to attend church. Around middle school, she stopped forcing them and respected their right to choose the faith path right for them.

It seemed like that was never going to happen. The five were all happily unaffiliated.  Their attitude: “God? Sure, no problem. Church? No thanks, not for me.

Then one day her daughter gave her a call. “A friend from work invited me to go to church with her on Sunday.” Fingers crossed. Casually, the following week Sondra asked how it went on Sunday. “Pretty good. The Pastor was nice, there were a lot of people my age and I liked it.” Hallelujah!

Sondra played it cool, and didn’t bring it up again. Yesterday she got a call from her daughter. She joined the church and even took a committee position. That’s how it starts, a new church family, a deeper relationship with God. Like mother, like daughter.

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