You know what I see? An Internet bubble just waiting to happen.” That’s what Glenda said after hearing about another stupid idea for a mobile app. This one allows you to scan the bar code on a child’s toy, and then it shows you the ages the toy is appropriate for. Duh, you have the toy in your hand and the same info is boldly printed on the packaging.

Has technology gone stupid or smart when it comes to spirituality? That depends. There’s no shortage of idiotic spiritual apps, but blessedly, there are plenty of good ones. Here’s some favorites:

1. Pocket Prayer Pro
If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed with all your promises to pray…READ MORE

2. Morning Motivation
This is a gratitude app to be grateful for. Simply start…READ MORE

3. Anything by Olive Tree
This publisher set the standard for mobile bible applications for…READ MORE

The three best prayer apps have been chosen with multi-faith prayer in mind. But you’ll find plenty of useful apps that have large libraries of prayers for all denominations. Christian prayer apps are the most plentiful. There are prayer apps specifically for Catholics and apps that are just right for anyone looking to keep Jesus Christ close at hand. Muslims who need to know prayer times have app choices galore. And Jews who want to have their siddur (prayerbook) handy can get an app with English, Hebrew and with transliterations.

Don’t be afraid to go techno with prayer. The more entry points to worship the better. Let us know if you have any favorite spiritual apps. We love to share!

– Prayables

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