It used to be blue, but now it’s blah. The little loops from the terry cloth have worn down and now they’re flat, just like her. Blah, worn down and flat. Paula resembles her old bathrobe, the one she spends too many hours wearing. She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (CFS) a painful disease that sucks the energy right out of its victims.

Herbert Hyman is a physician. He’s the inquisitive type, sucking up new medical findings like a Hoover. He took an interest in CFS years ago when (mostly) women were being incorrectly diagnosed with depression.

He’s ninety now but he’ll tell you his story with the vigor of a man half his age. It all started when he was reading the paper and saw a letter to Dear Abby about CFS.

The medical community didn’t agree on whether CFS was legit. Dr. Hyman wrote to the columnist in response to the reader’s letter about her symptoms, Abby printed it, and overnight, he became a sought after authority on the disease.

Paula found Dr. Hyman’s website and found relief. It’s there to provide factual information and support for the sufferers. With a village behind her and God at her side, she’s able to manage the disease. She’s spending less time in her old bathrobe and more time living her life normally. She’s grateful to the ME-CFS Knowledge Center for providing the resources that help her live with her illness. She’s grateful to God for the renewed energy she feels to get dressed each morning and face the world.

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