Ualani did an eye roll. Her co-worker, the one who blogs about scented candles, was going on and on about how her husband is her “best friend.” Ualani thought to herself, “If her husband is her best friend, then who does she complain to about her husband?

Because no exceptions here, we all need a girlfriend to bitch to. Even if it’s just a little about the quirks and irritating habits of a spouse. Nine times out of ten, if you’re happily married, you’re not going complain to just anyone. There’s an unspoken moral code, only your best friend is a “free-zone” for speaking unkindly. Oh, and gossip too.

Ualani’s co-worker may have it all figured out. It’s possible her husband has all the qualifications required to dish over stuff that’s typically female. Including being a sympathetic ear to his wife when she tells him about his irritating habit of picking his teeth with a folded up dollar bill.

But what’s the real issue here? How important is it to have someone to talk to about anything and everything, including the nit-picky relationship stuff that brings you down? How important? Very.

We turn to God in prayer to help us live gracefully. And just as we need reassurance from our faith, we need it from our friends too. There’s plenty of room in our heart for good listeners, both human and Divine. Be kind in your criticism, and you’ll find a balance between gossip and confidance that feels just right.

– Prayables

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