How do you control the tears? You get a phone call at work, “come quickly, your mother is ill.” Another time, you show up at the office clearly distraught, your daughter is moving in with her no-goodnick boyfriend.

Your co-workers witness the drama in your life. Sometimes they comfort you. Sometimes they respectfully leave you alone. If you’re blessed, there’s one special work friend who really gets you. She or he becomes your office best friend. But unlike your BFF, this friend is a BFN. Never an actual Best Friend Forever, but only a Best Friend for Now.

Mary worked in an accountant’s office for nearly seven years. Lois was her BFN at work. They went through some tough times together. They saw each others’ children through the wild years of high school. Mary and her husband got divorced. Lois was diagnosed with breast cancer. Heavy stuff. When Mary was laid off, the tears flowed and the two women said their goodbyes. But even as they hugged on that last day of work, Mary could feel Lois slipping away. She knew immediately, her friendship with Lois was over.

Flash forward two years: No contact between the two former co-workers who were once so close. They tried a few times, but nothing clicked. She was sitting in a FedEx Kinkos, doing some work on a Sunday when she heard a familiar voice. “This is a balygon!” The only human being she knew who ever used that word (Hebrew for chaos) was Lois. Mary looked up. Sure enough there she was, at the counter, complaining to the clerk.

Mary and Lois chatted briefly. A few awkward words exchanged between two people who were once office besties. Mary thought about how God brought Lois to her at the right time. Then she realized it was God who gave her heart the flexibility to let go at the right time.

Some people are blessed to keep their workplace best friend beyond the job. Some aren’t. Mary has a new job with a new BFN. In the end, it all worked out, exactly as God planned.

– Prayables

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