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When my son has a birthday, it’s his custom, to exploit it for all it was worth.  When he was twelve he said, “It’s a big one, Ma! Have you looked at the calendar? Huh? It’s 10-10-10.” Pause. “Can I stay up late?” He said he was following an important thread on his favorite forum. “There’s a meme in the making!” he exclaimed.

Oh, well, if it’s a meme in the… Wait. What? We used to call them clichés, but now, if an idea or saying is made famous via the Internet, it’s referred to as a “meme.”

Moms and memes. They don’t really go together, now do they? Why do our kids know so much more about technology? I’m stymied by something as primitive as putting together a drying rack to hang clothes on; I asked my son to help, and voilá, he had it done in minutes.

Do we lose that part of our – pardon the pun – mental motherboards as we get older? Did we never have it? Perhaps it only comes standard with younger-model brains.

In marketing, the phrase is, “Create your own brand.” Perhaps we need to create our own “Mom – memes” instead. With everyone on YouTube and videos going viral, maybe we can follow the lead of the younger generation and try to distill all of our unheeded parental lectures into a two-minute clip.

What if you had to sum up the key to life in four words or less? Would it be possible to encapsulate epiphanies in a small swatch?

Take a look at some of these “Mom – Memes” and make up your own!

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