Is there a dream in your heart, something you’ve always wanted to do? Do you have a dream, but you won’t let that dream live? Imagine the heights you will reach. Resurrect the dream in your heart… enter dreamland.

In dreamland you will see business opportunities, financial prosperity, inventions and ideas that just don’t exist in your world. Open the door to possibilities. Dream dimensionally. No longer let your dream die because of the limitations that you or others have placed in your life. Take time to create the conditions to dream.

There is a process through which you must walk to make your dream a reality. Sit down and draw a vivid picture of what your dream looks like, then add the multi-dimensional elements; trees, cars and landscape, people walking in and out of your vision. This will define the purpose of your dream in detail.

Within your dream may be the ability to generate wealth, cure disease or advance the welfare of the poor. Within your dream is your family’s future, your child’s college education, or your retirement plan. Within your dream is the answer to someone’s needs. Envision what your future looks like.

Look at the bigger picture and see the potential within yourself. Dreams don’t just come from your mind; they come from the deep crevices of your heart. The door to your dreams and possibilities opens from the inside out.

– Anna McCoy

Transcribed and abridged with permission from Anna McCoy; author, coach and founder of Woman Act Now.

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