We’re in Advent season. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Advent, it is the Christian celebration in preparation for the Advent of the King, the coming of Christ on Christmas day. Traditionally, it is a time of penitence, preparing yourself to be worthy of such a gift. It is also a season of hope.

Each Sunday in Advent we light a candle in the Advent wreath, meditate and pray on a particular theme. The theme for the first week is Light. How wonderfully significant this becomes as we light that first candle!

As I contemplated Hope and Light, I always recall when Judy, my mother-in-law, started an amazing Christmas tradition in our family. Moving from a house to a condo, she found herself hip deep in an abundance of stuff. Why ask for more just because it was Christmas?

Instead, she asked us to give a gift to someone who, not only could use it, but truly needed it. She asked us to donate to Heifer International. Heifer gives struggling people throughout the world livestock – the type of animal depends on the location and lifestyle of the person they are helping.

From bees to bunnies and cattle (thus Heifer) to camels, Heifer provides animals that in turn provide milk, eggs, fertilizer, pollination and fiber for yarn. Heifer also provides the training that the people need to care for their animals. All that Heifer asks in return is that, when the animal has offspring, that the first calf, kid or ducklings be given to someone else in need to start their own herd or flock. This program turns entire communities around.

Not convinced that something as small as a goat can make a big impact? Then check out the video below to see how Heifer has made a difference in the lives of women in India.

What better way to spread Light to women around the world in a concrete demonstration of Faith?

– Sue Bradford Edwards, Prayables

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