It’s the mother lode of all resolutions: The one thing you can do in the year ahead that will positively bring change to your life. This resolution changes attitude, changes actions and gets results that you never thought possible.

What should be #1, #2, and #3 on your new year’s resolutions list? Prayer. As in… praise, gratitude and affirmations. Make at least 365 new connections to God this year and you will find contentment and personal peace.

Zoe tried it last year. Instead of renewing her eternal dieting pledge, she simply decided to wake up each morning and take a few minutes for prayer. She looked for creative ways to pray each day and she kept her spirituality fresh and available for the times she needed support.

It worked! A productive relationship with God was all she needed to be more successful at work. A healthy relationship with God was all she needed to shed the pounds she needed, to look and feel better. A meaningful relationship with God moved her to reach out to those around her in kindness and compassion.

What are you going to do differently, starting today? Are you going to work a little harder or work less? Are you going to be more focused or more spontaneous? Are you going to be more direct or more forgiving? Change begins within. To be the best you can be, go deep inside, straight to your soul.

Wake up with a blessing on your lips and a prayer in your heart. You’ll find that 2012 will be the best year yet. Pray on it.


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