In addition to all of her other problems, Clarice is overweight. She calls herself fat, with no self-disrespect, just a critical and honest eye. She’s been fat her whole life. When you hear Clarice talk about it you begin to understand why it’s been so tough for her to lose weight and gain control over her own body.

Genetically, I dove straight into the deep end of the gene pool. There isn’t a slender member of my family on either my mom or my dad’s side. When researchers talk about how heredity and environment contribute to a person’s make-up, I know for sure that both factors are against me. I was raised in a family of over-eaters and under-exercisers who do what their fat bodies tell them to do: ‘Feed me.’ It’s a losing battle.

Or is it? There is a way to beat your family history and change your eating habits forever: Prayer.

True, it does sound a little ridiculous.  “Prayer – the tonic that cures all that ails you!” With advertising like that, the FDA would shut down “Prayer Inc” faster than you could say “Amen!” But adding prayer and bringing God into your life does make a difference in the way you feel and the way you act.

When you begin to accept that you are not alone in your struggle to overcome challenges, you find you can do things that were otherwise impossible. Here are three explanations:

1. Scientific – surge in the hormones that produce euphoria.

2. Psychological  – change in attitude.

3. Spiritual – openness to the power of God’s help and goodness.

If you need to lose weight and have been unsuccessful in the past, try starting your day with a prayer. Praise God for giving you the free will to make healthy choices. Next, ask God to provide you with the self-control you need to follow a smart diet and exercise plan. Finally, thank God for being with you as you begin a new regimen of healthful living.


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