Daily Prayer

I was thinking,
the other day,
about tea roses.
The splendid profusion
of hybrids—
two beautiful plants
bred together
into something
startlingly new
and impossibly lovely.

And it occurred to me
that it was something like a marriage:
The two of us,
starting out foreign to one another,
then growing together
into something
we never could have dreamed:
A perfect, blooming wonder.

And I realized:
You have been our sun,
protecting and warming us.
You have been our gardener,
tending and protecting us.
You have been our bioengineer,
bringing us together,
knowing we were better together
than alone.

I thank You
for this love
that is bigger than myself.
I thank You for my marriage,
this remarkable rose.

Lori Strawn, Prayables

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