Christopher looked up at his Grammy with big brown eyes and said, “What’s God?” Grammy Jean was stumped. Jean knows God, she loves God, she worships God. But she could not explain God to a four year old.

“Uh, God is magic.” Lame, so lame. She tried again. “God is invisible, powerful, the father of all creation.” Huh? Her daughter-in-law was listening in and watching the train wreck but didn’t offer to help.

It was Sarah, Christopher’s older sister, wise beyond her six years, who saved the day. “God is the owner of heaven.” Christopher got it, Jean breathed again and the daughter-in-law smirked.

You give it a try. It’s not easy to describe God. Put the “God explanation” in the pile with, “How do you know when you’re really in love?” You just know it and that’s that.

Grammy Jean followed up the conversation with some Internet research and a conversation with her Priest. Turns out Sarah provided the most satisfactory answer after all.

God speaks to us directly. We listen with our hearts and answer with our faith.  Words can’t always describe the miraculous relationship between our Maker and us, there are moments when we’re speechless.  Hearing a child ask about God for the first time is one of those moments. If it happens to you, offer a prayer of gratitude. Thank God, for placing a small spark of Himself  in His children, waiting to be discovered.


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