He’s always male and very young. He’s a loner and he dropped out of school. You see him in the news. You take one look at his sweet little baby face and you think, “that could be my son.

You’re looking at the latest billionaire entrepreneur who started his tech company from his dorm room.  That’s the story the media loves to tell us. To succeed in business, you have to be a Godless twenty-something who turns his passion for all things geeky into a multi-million dollar business that goes public with a triple digit IPO.

False, false and false. The real story can be found when you look at folks over 40. You’ll find experienced, God-loving men and women with know-how in the areas of management, marketing and finances. They’re starting and running businesses everyday. In fact, the highest entrepreneurial activity today is among the 55-64 age group. Go boomers!

If you’re older and have a great idea for solving a problem, or you can make something people want to buy, you should consider whether being an entrepreneur is right for you. History is on your side.

Mary Kay Ash started her cosmetic company at age 45. Sam Walton built Wal-Mart in his mid-40s. Ray Kroc was in his early 50s when McDonald’s was founded. Even the greatest inventions of this decade, those amazing little things beginning with i: iPhone, iPad, etc. came from Steve Jobs after he turned 50.

You can be next. Bring your ideas, passion and prayers to the greatest innovator of all. God knows what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Leverage your “connections” and make sound business decisions based on God-centered values and principles.

– Prayables

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