What happens when the excitement winds down and everything is back to normal? For Barb, normal is unacceptable. You know her type; she starts planning Halloween in July. By December 26th she’s already been in her craft closet pulling out the hearts and doilies for Valentine’s Day.

Many of us have a tendency to live for the highs. When life delivers even keel, we’re disappointed. Yet there’s value to basking in the afterglow, and I’m not just talking about sex. Think about the different ways you can hang on to the spirit of the holiday season all year round.

1.    Select Your Memories
Try slipping into the habit of selective memory. Sort through all the moments that make you feel good. Discard the ones that annoy or make you mad. You now have a mental scrapbook full of joy; It’s been carefully crafted by you to help you keep the right-minded spirit.

2.  See Beauty Around You
While you’re holding your memories close, look outward. Keep your eyes open to the activity buzzing all around you. Be aware of the beauty in the people, places and things that cross your path each day.  Admire it. Give judgment and criticism a kick in the pants. Appreciating the beauty all around you is a year-round treat.

3. Add Energy to Your Work
While you’re living in the pages of your joyful mental scrapbook, and keeping your eyes open to the beauty that surrounds you, extend the holiday season with work. That’s right, work not rest. Raise your energy level and make your day productive. Work hard, with enthusiasm and you’ll notice a change in the even keel that is positively invigorating.

These three suggestions for living a holiday spirit twelve months a year are only the beginning. We’d like to hear from you. What’s your secret to a post season happily ever-after?

– Prayables

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