They loved each other as much as any two people could. Gail and Geri were first cousins, named after the same grandmother. Gail was the funny one. She could make anyone laugh with a single word, or only a glance, when her facial expression was the punch line.  She was smart too.  Gail was a businesswoman in a time when women did not usually work outside of the home. She did it all: Devoted wife to her husband, loving mother to her two kids, pillar of the community and best friend to Geri.

Then she died. Too soon— not yet forty. Geri could not get over her loss.  While everyone in the family struggled to understand how it could be, Geri took it the hardest. After months of being consumed by depression, her husband told her, very firmly; it was time to move on.

And she did. She picked up the pieces and lives a good life with only one sad ache that never goes away. Gail was God’s gift to Geri. She believes that when it’s her time to meet her Maker, she and Gail will pick up where they left off.  Love and laughter shall follow her all of her days, into eternity.

– Prayables

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