I had contraband in my suitcase: Twelve knives, and frankly— they were not clean. Going through security at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, my suitcase was opened and TSA found my dirty little secret. Tablecloth, good silverware and a gravy boat. We were returning from a visit to the kids for Thanksgiving, and being a hopeless entertaining over-achiever, I could not resist bringing a beautiful table along for the trip.

Preparing for holiday meals is a lot of work. First you have to think about it. Then there’s endless discussion about who’s coming, and finally, what will be on the menu. Every year it’s the same conversation with my “bestie” girlfriend Debbie. “Anything new you’re trying this year?” After going back and forth with recipes and clever new decorating ideas, it seems the most we accomplish is that maybe one of us will decide to substitute apples for oranges in the cranberry sauce. Neither one of us would consider disappointing a guest at our table who’s expecting the sweet potato pie but gets mashed potatoes instead.

One tradition I did mess with recently, was grace before the meal. In our family’s holiday history, we never said it. My folks, though grateful, are not the religious type. Praying at the dinner table was simply not done.  But a few years ago, I came across a prayer I knew I had to share. I printed out copies of it and we took turns, each reading a stanza before we began to eat. A new tradition was started.

Now God is a regular guest at our dining table. We serve awesome prayer that’s beautiful and delicious. It’ll be the same food this year, with a different spiritual main course.

Susan Diamond, Prayables

Enjoy and Share Susan’s Favorite Thanksgiving Prayer: We Give Thanks

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