Maybe you remember making the turkey pictures, where you traced your hand and colored in a bird. It’s possible you have a picture from your own kids, who continued the tradition in their own art projects.

It’s easy to see a turkey when you trace your hand. But if you look back, can you trace God’s hand in your life? There are times when God positively shouts at you – “Look I’m here!”

When you have a close call; injury, accident, natural disaster – it’s God’s hand that takes yours and brings you to safety. You meet your soul mate, find a best friend, influence a vulnerable child – it’s God’s hand that opens your heart and puts you in the right place at the right time.

Security, love and life itself all come to you because God opens His hand, reaches out and extends it to you. Your clenched fist is loosened and you are holding hands with the most precious of all Providers. It’s the ultimate stroll on the boardwalk.

Thanks be to God, whose hand brings food to your table. Thanks be to God who enables you to share your bounty with people you love. On this Thanksgiving Day, notice the warmth of your palm, it’s never empty.


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