The way it was.” You probably hear a lot of talk these days about the way it was when jobs were plentiful and wages were high. Sigh… When will it ever be the way it was again?

Uh, possibly, never. Deal with it. Job creation and job growth is complicated. Waiting for things to return to the old way, is not the best way to handle what’s going on in the workplace today.

Molly was making a good salary at her old job before she got laid off. She ended up taking a new job for lower pay. She surprised herself by really liking the work. She further surprised herself by finding out how much she could do without. Less budget for entertainment, smaller apartment in a neighborhood in transition, and she had to give up her car.

Pardon the cliché, but Molly found the silver lining in the cloud. She went forward with a grateful and curious spirit: She learned new skills, met new people, and lived her life in a new way.

It’s faith 101: God provides. You’ll find that when you pray for the courage to willingly accept change, your needs will be met. The “way it was” does not have to dictate the “way it will be.” Set a new direction and live happy.

– Prayables

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