A cathedral was located opposite a synagogue in a well-to-do neighborhood. Both the Jewish and the Catholic congregations were driving nice cars and living well. Only the clergy was in poor condition. In fact, the priest was driving a car so old that the floor had rusted through and he could see the street under him as he drove. The rabbi had so old a car that he had to hold the doors together with ropes.

Now one day the Catholic congregation decided to do something for their priest and they collected $42,000 to buy the priest a new Lincoln Town Car. So on the next Sunday, after mass, when the priest came to the door of the church to greet his parishioners, the chairman of the collecting committee showed the priest the new car and handed him the keys.

Just then, Sunday school was ended across the street and the Jewish friends joined their Christian friends to see the new car. Well the priest just stood there dumbfounded. “Aren’t you going to say something or do something to accept the new car?” called one his parishioners. “Well, of course,” said the priest. “Just wait one minute.” So he walked into the church while the crowd waited.

Shortly he reappeared with some holy water and sprinkled it on the new car and even said something in Latin. He thanked one and all and accepted the new car.

Well, the Jewish folks were ashamed that the rabbi was still driving such an old jalopy and so they too collected over $40,000 and bought the rabbi a new Cadillac which they parked outside the synagogue the next Saturday. So when the rabbi came to the door of the synagogue after services he was presented with the keys to the new car. Just then, their Christian friends came to join their Jewish friends across the street and look over the new car. The rabbi was so dumbfounded he didn’t say a word. So someone called out, “Rabbi, aren’t you going to get some holy water and accept the new car?” “We don’t have any holy water,” said the Rabbi, “but I will do something else.” With that he walked across the sidewalk into the basement of the synagogue while the crowed waited and wondered what he was doing in the basement. Well, shortly the Rabbi reappeared with a pair of metal shears and clipped a piece off the tailpipe.

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