Prayer snobs. They’re all over the place. In fact you too may be snobby about who and what you pray for.  David W. Miller is an expert on faith. He talks about prayer snobbery in his book; God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement. He says,

“When speaking to clergy gatherings around the country I often ask, ‘Who here prays for teenagers as they go off on mission trips; or Sunday school teachers each September?’ Invariably all hands go up. Finally I ask, ‘Who here prays for all the accountants in your congregation around April 15, and who here prays for all the salespeople and those working on commission at the end of the month or year when quotas are due?’ Silence. Eyes drop to the ground. Usually, not a single hand is raised.”

See what we mean? There’s bound to be natural soft spots in your prayer life, and odds are, hard working adults are often forgotten.

How can you be less discriminating in your prayers? Think of someone deserving who can use a little divine intervention. Be generous in prayer and add your devotions for those of God’s children working in a profession that you wouldn’t normally think of. You can help end prayer snobbery today, with a few  random words of soul-filled encouragement.

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