What does God look like? We conjure up pictures in our mind of a Creator we can see, feel and touch. Artists depict God in human form, ethereal cloud and sometimes using only brush strokes of vivid color. But never, ever, have I seen an image of God who is overweight.

Obviously God’s children aren’t always fit. Aretha Franklin is heavyset and God gave her the gift of song, her voice brings joy that is heavenly. Santa Claus, is the poster boy for fat and jolly. God gave Santa a job in the “family business,” boys and girls everywhere receive yearly gifts of happiness from the man in red.

But what about those of us who are not superstars or holiday icons? We’re created in God’s image. We know, the shape and size of the human body couldn’t possibly be as important to God as what comes from it. Enormous love, gigantic faith and kindness as large as the world is round, is how we express our likeness to the Creator.

Good health and fitness are not an entitlement. It’s a blessing to be able to feel good and look good. Here’s a few practical tips to help you, help yourself get in shape and enjoy well-being.

1.    Exercise – Listen to recorded sermons, praise music and affirmations to make the time pass quickly and inspire you to stick to a regular fitness routine.

2.    Diet – Tithe your food. Some call it portion control, you can think of it as setting aside “the corner of your field” for the glory of God.

3.    Pray – Include your body on your prayer request list. Keeping the physical in touch with the spiritual in regular worship is certain to bring you closer to your wellness goals.

God loves you as you are. You’ll love yourself even better when you look and feel better. Exercise, diet and pray in honor of the Divine who loves you so much, he created you in His image.

-Susan Diamond, Prayables

You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.
Psalms 145:16


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