The rains have come,
Windy days and crisp nights.
Days are shorter
And the land prepares to sleep.
Bless this day, God of seasons.
Bless the autumn with the hope of comfort and rest.
Be present with us as we gather with family and friends
So that we bring each other love and joy.

God of time and space,
May this season be a blessing and a teacher.
Make me like the rain, nourishing all that I touch.
Make me like a gentle wind, quietly clearing old habits
And the debris of mistakes.
Make me like the crisp air,
Present, refreshing and free.
Bless my days with service and my nights with prayer.
Make me like the land, seeking solace and rest.

-Alden Solovy

© 2010 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

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