Pray for the Persecuted Church

Aasia Bibi's husband holds her photo

Aasia Bibi, 45-year-old mother of five sentenced to death in Pakistan for sharing her faith in Jesus, will spend Mother’s Day in solitary confinement.

However she is greatly encouraged upon hearing of prayers being offered worldwide on her behalf.

On April 20, Christians around the world prayed for her release. Although she is seldom allowed visitors, a Christian activist in Pakistan says she learned of the prayers and was greatly encouraged.

Aasia's husband and two youngest daughers

Haroon Barket Masih, president of the Masih Foundation, asked Christians to put her on their daily prayer lists — and to continue seeking the Lord on her behalf.

Masih said she is being kept in solitary confinement for her own safety and has been moved to an all-women’s prison after extremists threatened to blow up the prison where she had been held for more than a year.

“Masih” means “Messiah” and is a common surname taken by Pakistan’s minority Christians.

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Protesters ask for Aasia's release

“She needs medical care, hygienic and healthy conditions,” he said. “She fell ill with chickenpox because of the dirty environment, and being unable to clean her room or bed sheets on which she sleeps.”

He reported that in spite of her poor health, Bibi is spending her time fasting and praying for others.

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“She neglects her health and prays for everyone else,” he said. “She is concerned about the current situation in Pakistan.”

The Masih Foundation is providing financial and legal assistance to Bibi as she appeals her conviction.

Aasia Bibi

There are grave concerns for her safety after the murders of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, who had spoken in favour of a pardon for Bibi, and Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, who had been seeking changes to the blasphemy laws.

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