For the American reader, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Regardless
of the cloudy history of this celebration, it has come to mean a time of
family, food and discount shopping – not always in that order. Naturally, it’s
all to be sprinkled with a dose of gratitude and reflection. Before Thanksgiving this year here is an idea, set
and intentional time for a conversation with your family, partner, or yourself
to reflect on what you are truly the most grateful for right now. At this very
specific moment in your life, there must be one or two things that you feel,
for one reason or another, is truly what you feel the deepest gratitude for.
Once you have chosen this one thing, make a plan to help give this same gift to
someone else.

If you are grateful for a job, help someone get a job, or make some
contribution to the local centers or charities that help the unemployed. If you
are grateful for a relationship, give to those who are alone or lonely. You may
help at big brothers and sisters, or visit or contribute to a longterm care facility.
Be creative, how can you show your gratitude this year, by giving someone else
the same reason to be grateful.

How are you going to share your gratitude this year?

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