Take Time to Listen to the Ocean

You need to
have fun–often! And you need to get out of your busy mind–often. Not only does it help to develop a playful attitude during
daily activities, but you also need to schedule time to relax and be creative.
The expression “Get out of your head!” sounds strange but requires little
explanation. Think about what fun
means to you, such as playing cards or sports, watching movies, going to the
park, or hanging out at an art gallery. It doesn’t matter what it is or if
others find it entertaining–you need to enjoy it. Find something you can lose
yourself in.

It’s important not to always pick
activities that have ulterior motives, such as career advancement or personal
growth. Remember that plain old fun is critical to your well-being! Another
common motive is escape, but what you do for pleasure should be engaging, not
numbing. When you take time for yourself, you should feel even more fulfilled
and in touch with your essence–not hollow and disconnected.

An ideal form of recreation for people
with Inspiration Deficit Disorder is to be more creative and get involved in
something artistic. Sports are also ideal, but they can get too competitive and
feed your Persona. If you want to choose a sport to feed your essence, that’s
fine, but try playing so that there isn’t a winner or one single “right way” to
score. The bottom line is to promote peace and lots of laughter. You might also
try shifting your attitude about a sport you already know and love. Work to
experience it for the joy and pleasure, not from a place of striving to be
perfect. Other ideas include taking a class in cooking or watercolor painting;
gardening; taking walks in nature; going fishing; learning to play chess or
bridge; playing on a team; joining a book club; or taking up a new craft, such
as knitting, woodworking, or scrapbooking.

The key word is fun, not indulgent. You need to be affirmed in delight, meaning
that enjoying simple pleasures will remind you of the joy of living.

What activities nourish YOUR essence?

Excerpt from Jonathan’s upcoming book, Inspirational Deficit Disorder

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