Clarity is about how well you manage your
energy and intention. Stay focused and sharp in every situation, whenever
possible. Clarity is also about moving beyond confusion through understanding,
communication, decision making, and the willingness to let go. You’ll almost
always be better off by making a small bad choice rather than staying stuck in
your own uncertainty. A step in any direction will give you feedback. Remember
that no movement means no feedback!

Sometimes in order to gain awareness,
action is required, even if it means that you just need to let go and accept
things as they are. Always work toward being clear about your intentions, your
commitment level, and your soul’s wisdom and desires. This will improve how you
communicate with others and how you feel about yourself. When you’re focused
and self-assured, you’ll worry less, too. Achieve clarity and trust the


Living with integrity means that what you
feel and know on the inside matches what you say and do on the outside.
Integrity is alignment. It’s not
about adhering to an external set of standards regarding morality or good
behavior. This is a self-referenced, soul-centered quality. It also represents
ownership and responsibility.

It’s vital to recognize your role in the
situations you’re involved in and remain engaged and responsive. You exhibit
integrity when you honor your innermost self and live according to your highest
truth–not according to the reactions and judgments of others. This may sound
simple, but in reality, this is often difficult to maintain. Your integrity is
revealed when you live with honesty, respect, willingness, and an endless
commitment to revealing your Essential Self. You’re coming from a centered
self–not from being self-centered.


Courage is one of the more underrated and
underemphasized qualities in the lives of those with Inspiration Deficit
Disorder. More often than not, the main difference between a person with an
inspiration deficit and someone without one is whether or not you have the
courage to act on what you feel and know in your essence. Think of it in this
way: integrity would remain just a good idea without courage.

Many things can test your mettle, such as
peer pressure, society norms, and family values, but none of these can change
who you are. In other words, if you feel a calling to do something differently
but are afraid you won’t be accepted, then you simply need to trust and do what
you know in your heart is right. Keep in mind that your Wall of Wounding will
make sure that if you wait until you feel
like making a change, you never will. Your energy hooks will make sure that if
you wait for an easy time to make a
change, it will never come. And your Persona will make sure that if you wait
for all the “right” reasons to
change, they will never present themselves.

Courage is like a muscle: the more you use
it, the stronger it gets. Forgiving, releasing control, staying present, and
being kind all take a powerful resolve in the face of old habits and patterns.
Remember that fear is the most
fundamental root behind all inspiration deficits. The soul cannot blossom or be
fully expressed wherever fear is allowed to grow.

Excerpt from the upcoming book Inspiration Deficit Disorder


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