Live a Life of Love

In any moment, you can always ask
yourself, What is in the highest good?
or What would be most loving and
Despite your wounds and habits, you know what kindness is.
Holding a door for someone whose hands are full, picking up a pen that someone
drops, or being forgiving with a customer-service attendant when addressing a
failed product that they personally didn’t design–these are all easy examples
of the way most people know to be “nice.” When you feel love, you act out of compassion with respect, gratitude,
accountability, and kindness. When you commit a loving act, you are in your
Essential Self.

This energy and mind-set will always move
you into your center and reconnect you with your essence. Things that create a
loving feeling do the same, which is why daily gratitude exercises,
volunteering, and falling in love are all experiences that somehow make the
world feel like a better place. It isn’t because of what other people are
doing; it’s because of the
feeling of
love inside you. Being in nature, with a friend, or with a pet are simple ways
to create a loving feeling. All these things move us into our essence.

Don’t be trapped by thinking that you have
to make people happy in order to express kindness. Love is not conditional.
Love and compassion are expressions of your essence, and they draw their energy
naturally from your Original Source. True love is never depleted; it’s a
willing choice. Notice whenever you feel it and what creates a loving feeling
in you.

Excerpt from Inspiration Deficit Disorder

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