Dear Reader,

I am pleased to welcome you to Positive Judaism – a new vision for those that are serious about improving their individual lives, their families, and their communities through spiritual living.

As a rabbi, I’ve witnessed in the lives of many a deep commitment to Jewish identity but the struggle at times to find a real connection to prayer, holiday observance, Bible study and God. We all know that life is complex and challenging and we need a new language for Judaism that clearly articulates a way to enhance our lives in everything we do and everything we are.

You may be Jewish or not. An observant or a cultural Jew. You may be a convert to Judaism or in a dual-faith marriage or family. You may be an atheist or a believer. You may be young or old, in good health, in recovery, or enduring a serious illness. You may already be thriving or you may be facing daily, even hourly challenges in your personal life, career, marriage, or family. No matter your background or your life experience, my message is simple: Judaism is a clear and ancient path to improving your life and the lives of those around you.

For people who are seeking to enhance their personal well-being, for leaders who are seeking to have a relevant and positive impact on the lives of their members, and for congregations seeking have a positive impact on their larger community, Positive Judaism has language that will help you find a compelling answers to these questions.

If you care about happiness and wellbeing, than Positive Judaism, simply put, is for you. If you want to be a better spouse, a more effective parent, a more valued community member, than Positive Judaism is for you. And if you want to live your calling and learn how to spend your money in ways that will bring you the greatest sense of authentic happiness and real meaning, then Positive Judaism is for you.

Positive Judaism is a practical and spiritual approach to finding joy in your every day and improving the world. It’s not a doctrine, it’s not a movement, and it’s not a formula. Positive Judaism is a philosophy. A philosophy that applies Jewish living, Jewish teachings, and the Jewish experience of 3000 years to improve the state of happiness and wellbeing in your life. It only starts with you. And then it ripples out to your family, your friends, and your community, making the world a more positive place for everyone — a very Jewish ideal.

Now, here is my commitment to you:

Positive Judaism will help you achieve new levels of happiness and life satisfaction. It will guide you to share love and joy, while simultaneously, showing you how to withstanding life’s inevitable storms and disappointments. There are some very basic Jewish practices that you can begin applying right now to become more positive. As a result, you will raise the quality of wellbeing in your own life and in the lives of those around you. But it starts first with your own happiness and your own well-being.

Positive Judaism is more than thinking positive, though a positive mindset is important. Once you learn this philosophy, understand your specific characteristics strengths and the key areas of wellbeing, you will have the ingredients to improve your career, your physical health, your relationships, and your finances.

The responsibility to improve your life is your own, but the results will be contagious. The people around you will feel your new level of positive emotion and engagement and they will benefit in their own lives. We all know people who resonate joy, hope, optimism, and courage. We also know people who are negative, pessimistic, critical, and fearful. This book will guide you to always be on the positive side of life and to thrive.

This is my hope for you.
This is my commitment to you.
Let us begin.

To Your Positivity and Wellbeing,
Rabbi Darren Levine

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