From the NYT:

Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, said on Wednesday that his group, which had long fought to close the clinic, was considering trying to buy the squat, beige building to perhaps turn it into a memorial museum, “a tribute to the babies,” that might be open to visitors…

…”That is hallowed ground,” Mr. Newman, whose group’s national headquarters is located in another former abortion clinic he owns in Wichita, said of Dr. Tiller’s clinic. “It’s iconic of the abortion movement, of abortion itself. It holds memories — sorrowful memories for countless women and for the babies that have died there. You can’t turn it into a coffee shop. You wouldn’t pave over Auschwitz or Dachau.”

In an e-mail message, Dan Monnat, a lawyer for the Tiller family, which owns the clinic, said of Operation Rescue’s proposal. “This suggestion, or claim, is just another irreverent, extremist publicity stunt.” Mr. Monnat would not discuss it further. The family has not said what it intends to do with the clinic and land, which Sedgwick County property records show to be worth $734,100, according to an appraisal for tax purposes.

Mr. Newman, who dismissed the idea that this was a stunt, said he had, so far, discussed the notion with only a few board members. But he said he was convinced that his organization could raise the needed money if it decided to move forward with trying to buy the clinic.


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