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For many years this site, “Sacred Space,” a ministry of the Irish Jesuits, has been one of my preferred sites for contemplation and prayer. Well, really the only one. Its simplicity and Ignatian orientation draw me back time and again, …Read More

Job losses are mounting everywhere, and this sight–employees of The Rocky Mountain News reacting to word that today’s edition would be the last for the 150-year-old paper–is all too common. But I hope I always find it deeply affecting. And less common.

The Holocaust-denying schismatic Traditionalist was just kicked out of Argentina, which seems unjust to me, despite Williamson’s noxious views. Today, back in his native England, Wiliamson issued an apology, via ZENIT (an arm of the Legionaries, which has had its …Read More

I’m not much for Mardi Gras–too old, too tired, too many hangovers. And that’s just the French Quarter. I, however, can’t take much forced revelry, either. But before Ash Wednesday strikes, let me point you to a Tim Dolan post I missed …Read More

The pontiff is taking unnamed critics to task, as per this CNS story, “Pope cautions against destructive polemics in the church.” The pope, speaking in German at his noon blessing Feb. 22, asked for prayers to St. Peter so that …Read More

Stephen Colbert wants to know why he should “jump on the poverty bandwagon” with the rest of us–and with those vowed religious who are ahead of the poverty curve (oh, and there’s chastity and obedience, too). Jesuit Father Jim Martin …Read More

In perhaps the worst-kept secret in recent church history, Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan was named to succeed Cardinal Edward Egan in New York. Dolan confessed that he’d known for 9 or 10 days, which is a long time to keep …Read More

That’s the hedder on Father Komonchak’s post at dotCommonweal, asking about readers’ scariest movie memories. His Oscar-week post was prompted by stumbling on the original “Alien” movie again while channel-surfing. That’s a good choice. Mine is below. Saw it in …Read More

“Col-lapsed” Catholic Jack Donaghy, Alec Baldwin’s character on “30 Rock,” goes to Mass in a recent episode and is forced to improvise. Hilarious. I keep telling myself I have to start watching. My only must-see TV these days is “24.” …Read More

The journalistic device of the imaginary interview with a VIP or celebrity or dead person who you’ll never be able to talk to in real life is a risky one, even for the best writers. Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin …Read More