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…A major component of the new document, reported today by CNS, is to screen out men who, as Rome put it before, “are active homosexuals or who have “deep-seated” homosexual tendencies.” The document says psychological testing was appropriate in “exceptional …Read More

The gang at BustedHalo is up to their usual high jinks, and it is a treat to watch, with some nice tricks at the end. Really, you’ll learn something, and be entertained….

“As the day of the great convocation drew nigh, the proclamations of high churchmen rang out across the Land…” Yes, it’s getting intense, even a bit medieval, if you like Bishop Finn’s Muslim crusader analogy. The Globe’s Michael Paulson has …Read More

The mystery novelist is dead at 83, after a long and successful life. I never read him, but may start. The Times obit was good as far as it went, but I didn’t know about his Catholic faith and its …Read More

It’s hard to tell, given the number of “alternative” voter guides out there. CNS’s Nancy Frazier O’Brien has a good and genteely-titled overview, “Do plethora of voter guides confuse or clarify issues for Catholics?” But that headline doesn’t convey the …Read More

Father Geoffrey Farrow is the Catholic priest who two weeks ago revealed from the pulpit that he is gay and opposed to Proposition 8. That ballot proposition would overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year allowing same-sex marriage. …Read More

That’s one intriguing element in the final message from the Vatican Synod on the Bible to the world’s Catholics. It was news to me–weren’t women already reading at mass? But yes, Proposition 17 (there is a Proposition 8, but I …Read More

If New York’s Cardinal Edward Egan wasn’t in Rocco’s list of 50 bishops who have effectively (or explicitly) said Catholic can’t vote for Obama, then he is now. Via Gary Stern’s “Blogging Religiously” site (Gary is the religion writer nonpareil at …Read More

The rock star and humanitarian has been asked to write occasional Op-Eds for the Gray Lady, according to today’s NYT. Catherine J. Mathis, a spokeswoman for The New York Times Company, said, “We have asked Bono to write an occasional …Read More

Another Pennsylvania Catholic bishop is weighing in against pro-Obama Catholics. This time it is the other side of the Keystone state from Scranton’s Bishop Martino. In the Diocese of Greensburg, Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt has issued a statement decrying the …Read More