"Your gain is my pain. Call me."  ~  Janice Taylor,  Anti-Gravity Coach, Helping You to Rise Above and Go Beyond (self-Imposed) Limitations
“Your gain is my pain. Call me.” ~ Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Helping You to Rise Above and Go Beyond (self-Imposed) Limitations

Morning Tushkateers, Today’s fully loaded Kick in the Tush e-newsletter was inspired by a conversation I had with a client, who—for good reason and without ceremony—tossed the chocolate bars. (For those who are gasping, she actually packed ‘em up and gave them away. Nevertheless, they were “tossed.”)

Chew on these 5 Points of Knowing, if you will, and let me know how they inform your today’s actions!  And special thanks to C.F. for the inspiration!

Five Things I Know For Sure.

There are a couple of things about life that I know for sure…not just one like Oprah. (Smile Fans of Oprah. I’m referencing Oprah’s column, “One Thing I Know for Sure.” I’m not dissing Oprah.) One through four on this list are “Life Lessons,” for sure. Number 5 may look like a weight loss truth, but it’s still a life lesson. Chew on it and apply to life in general, as appropriate.

5 Points of Light that Lighten Up!

  1. You Create Your Life. You have great influence over your life. You are either consciously creating (or co-creating it, depending on your feelings/experience of the higher powers that be) your life with awareness, or you are manifesting from an unconscious, helter-skelter, confused, and/or disorganized place.  Either way, you are in “create mode.”Playbook Question. Are you consciously creating your life, or allowing it to take you where it might and then feeling badly that you don’t have the life you want?   Either way, write a sentence or two (or three) on the topic, “Creating My Life.” 
  2. Thoughts Are Merely Suggestions. We tend to think that every thought we have is something that is overflowing with truth, is correct and is worth taking action upon. Not the case. Thoughts are merely suggestions, to be considered, but not necessarily to be acted upon. Remember, just because you had a thought doesn’t mean that it is a good one!Playbook List: Jot down 5 thoughts that have recently passed through or are currently passing through your mind and consider them as suggestions. How does your experience of your thoughts as suggestions inform and alter your actions? 
  3. Things Are Changing…Right Now…and Now Again. As I’ve said many a time to people who are feeling stuck and thinking that their lives are never going to change (for the better), “Things may appear to be the same, but they are not. Things are consistently in flux, changing every day, every hour, minute, every nanosecond, always moving, until one day you wake up and you are in a different place.  Take heart. You are metaphorically moving forward.”Playbook Writings: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What actions do you need to take to “be the change?”
  4. Knock Fear Out of the Way. The purpose of fear is to promote survival. The “fear” gene has been passed down from generation to generation, since “we” began our journey here on Planet Earth. Without fear, we’d likely get caught in flash floods; we’d walk up to the majestic Mountain Lion, hand stretched out, attempting to pet it or feed it to ill effect.It’s important to determine those situations when fear is useful and those where it’s simple getting in your way. When in your way, knock it out of the way, lest it weigh you down.Playbook Question: How does fear stop you from “doing?” 
  5. Toss Red Lights Foods. For those who want to increase their health, let go of their excess weight, you’re in danger of not doing so when your red light foods are lingering in your cabinets, fridge or on the counter-tops.Give the red light foods away, throw them away; just be sure to free yourself of the temptation that zaps your energy, energy that could be used for more fruitful manifestations!   As I mentioned above, this may sound like a weight loss truth, weight loss tip, but it can and should be applied to “Life In General.”Anything that you are housing that is wearing you down, getting in your weigh, weighing you down, stopping you from achieving your goals, should be looked at and possibly tossed.   Too much television, then limit it (I know that very few of us are going to toss our sets.)

    Playbook Question: What are you housing that is zapping your energy, weighing you down, getting in the way of you achieving your goals and manifesting your desires? It could be dust, clutter, chocolate bars, your neighbor’s cats…I don’t know, but you do!


So, you see Tushkateers (members of the Kick in the Tush Club), devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss, and those who mysteriously happened onto this page, I know 5 things for sure. Possibly, probably more than 5 things, but that’s enough for today!

The clock is ticking, and I need to shift into “manifest mode.” If you are curious to know what I am manifesting today, here is my list: clean house, satisfying swim, loving relationships, healthy meals, and artful happenings.

Playbook Question: And you? What will you consciously create/manifest today?

You may want to buy a notebook or print out as many OLofWL Workbook Page as needed and place in a folder. Keeping track of your progress is a good thing to do! Especially on those days when it feels like nothing is happening!

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