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Listen to the mustn’ts, child.  Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me … Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. ~ Shel Silverstein

Hellooooo TUSHKATEERS!!!! 

Are you ready for your weekly Kick in the Tush?  Are you ready to jump head first into the day, to journey with an open mind and open heart?  To declare your intentions and commit to them?  To say, mean and do whatever it takes, no matter the obstacles that may fall in your path that may test you beyond your perceived limits?  (Oh My!  That is a lot … the ‘beyond your limits’ part made me squint and think about it!!!)

Are you ready to believe that there are no ‘real’ limits? Are you ready to move away from VELLEITY toward VOLITION?  (I’ve moved beyond my squinty reaction and I AM ready!)

From the Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Dictionary for Permanent Fat Removal!!!
What is VELLEITY and do you SUFFER from IT??? Probably!!!  Velleity is volition in its weakest form.  It is a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain said wish or goal.  VOLITION, on the other hand, is the act of choosing, resolving, exercising ‘want power’ to the max.

VELLEITY:  “Velleity is volition at its lowest ebb; it is a small wish that is barely audible; velleity is what keeps you living in the shallowest turns and bends of the river of life.  Living by the Laws of Velleity keeps you forever spinning your wheels.”

VOLITION:  “She made a decision to say ‘no thank you’ to the ridiculously salty, fatty meal that her friends were salivating over on her own volition and in so doing, she freed herself and moved from stuck to unstuck in a split second.”

Which brings me to an e-mail that I received  … 

CHEWING THE FAT:   Merrie on the Verge of Mindlessness!

Dear OLofWL ~  I truly thought that I was practicing ‘mindful eating,’ but – as you would say – the Scales of Injustice tipped in the wrong direction.  Instead of the number heading south and getting smaller and smaller, the number started to swim upstream, heading north, and is getting bigger and bigger as I grow larger and larger, and I am feeling discouraged.   Can you please review the principles of mindfulness and then tell me what I am doing ‘wrong?’ ~ Merrie on the Verge of Mindlessness


Dear Merrie ~  In addition to reviewing the principles of mindfulness (see below), I am suggesting that you review and follow Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 10 Commandments of Permanent Fat Removal, specifically in this case, Commandment #5: Thou shalt honestly write it down.  If you bite it, you must write it.

Why Commandment # 5???
People tell me that they don’t want to write ‘it’ down.  They resist.  I get it, but suppose it was the one thing that you could (easily I might add; in theory how hard is it to write it down or track it one on of the many – and I mean many – on-line tracking systems) do that would help you building your Mindful Eating skills?  I’m asking again, “What if it was the one thing that would help enormously – and at the end of the day, you could look at your ‘intake of food,’ and feel really great about yourself, about your level of volition???”  Would you do it?

Keeping track of your food – whether you write it down, blog about it, photograph it, log-in and post it – builds all kinds of skills and has many side benefits!  Feeling in control one of them!

Are you suffering from velleity? OR – are you ready to move into Weight Loss Warrior/Action/ YAY ME! Mode?  Think about it and let me/us know.  We are rootin’ for you and we are with you!!! Every ounce of the weigh!!!  One small step at a time.

Basic Principles of Mindfulness:

• Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention, non-judgmentally.
• Mindfulness encompasses both internal processes and external environments.
• Mindfulness is being aware of what is present for you mentally, emotionally and physically in each moment.
• With practice, mindfulness cultivates the possibility of freeing yourself of reactive, habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.
• Mindfulness promotes balance, choice, wisdom and acceptance of what is.

Mindful Eating is:

• Allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food preparation and consumption by respecting your own inner wisdom.
• Choosing to eat food that is both pleasing to you and nourishing to your body by using all your senses to explore, savor and taste.
• Acknowledging responses to food (likes, neutral or dislikes) without judgment.
• Learning to be aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decision to begin eating and to stop eating.

Someone Who Eats Mindfully:

• Acknowledges that there is no right or wrong way to eat but varying degrees of awareness surrounding the experience of food.
• Accepts that his/her eating experiences are unique.
• Is an individual who by choice, directs his/her awareness to all aspects of food and eating on a moment-by-moment basis.
• Is an individual who looks at the immediate choices and direct experiences associated with food and eating: not to the distant health outcome of that choice.
• Is aware of and reflects on the effects caused by unmindful eating.
• Experiences insight about how he/she can act to achieve specific health goals as he/she becomes more attuned to the direct experience of eating and feelings of health.
• Becomes aware of the interconnection of earth, living beings, and cultural practices and the impact of his/ her food choices has on those systems.

I hope this helps, sets some light bulbs a poppin’.   For more energized, happy, fun support please do join … A Kick in the Tush Club on Facebook!

PS:  Tushkateer Susan T. recommends “My Fitness Pal” for online tracking and calorie info.

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