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Wish Upon a Star by Janice Taylor, Self-Help / Weight Loss Artist

Are you finding the “Feed Your Soul Project” as fulfilling as I am?  Sharing 200 Ways to Feed Your Soul (10 new ways each week) is soulfully challenging.  Happily, my unconscious mind has joined in the effort and is searching day and night all on its own.

For example:  When I was sitting outside last week, at night, looking up, up, up at the sky, wishing upon stars, my unconscious mind sent a message to my conscious mind.  She said, “Hey, you’re feeding your soul with stars!!! Write it down for your Thursday list. That’s a good one.” And so with the help of my conscious and unconscious mind(s), here follows …



71.    Look Deep Into Your Soul and ask, “What unique gifts do I have to give?” …  and then give, give, give.

72.    Wish Upon A Star. “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.” Anonymous 🙂

73.   Host a Healthy Eating Pot Luck Party!  Assemble your friends and family and for a change of pace, put a healthy twist on your pot luck party. Imagine the abundance of life-affirming vitamins and minerals!

74.   Give Yourself a Gift. The possibilities of what you can give yourself are limitless, from material goods to love, from nourishment to time.

75.   Give a Compliment.  A kind word or two has the power to lift spirits, motivate, inspire, encourage … and so much more.

76.   Find Your Voice.  Sing your song, speak out, break out, share your truth, have a meaningful conversation.

77.   Create a Gallery of “Words of Wisdom.”  Collect your favorite words, quotes, sayings, passages from books and songs.  Frame and hang them in your hallway.

78.   Admire Your Inner Chubby Child.  Find your best, cutest, most loving or in need-of-love childhood photo and say nurturing things.

79.   Practice Saying, “No, Thank You!” in as many languages as possible.

ne hvala * Croatian

nej tak * Danish

nee dank u * Dutch

ei kiitos * Finnish

non merci * French

nein danke * German

no grazie * Italian

no grazie * Norwegian

não obrigado * Portuguese

nu multumesc * Romanian

no, gracias * Spanish

and when all else fails, try …

no, thank you * English

80.  and then Say “Thank You!” to the kind person who held the door for you, the bus driver, the parking lot attendant, the waiter, the newspaper delivery boy/girl, to the postal worker, to each and every person who lives anonymously in your life.

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Week 1 – THE FEED YOUR SOUL PROJECT – Tips 01-10
Tips 11-20: Feed Your Soul
Tips 21-30: Feed Your Soul
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Tips 41-50: Feed Your Soul
Tips 51-60: Feed Your Soul

Tips 61-70: Feed Your Soul

Spread the word … NOT the icing!


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FEED YOUR SOUL: Change Your WEIGHT!!! workshop – extraordinary opportunity!
September 16 – 19, 2012

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