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It has been a glorious week, has it not?  A week of Easter eggs, Matzoh Brie, and Tulips, galore!  Yes, I took a long (lunch break) walk yesterday with my boyfriend (a.k.a. husband of 25 plus years), through the gardens at Central Park.

Glory Hallelujah – the daffodils and tulips were in bloom.  And, joy oh fun, even on a Monday, there was a wedding ceremony in front of the fountain.  The Conservatory Gardens are “THE” small wedding venue.  One must get a permit though, just in case you’re thinking you want to get married there.  Call City Hall first, lest you get arrested.  Anyway … be sure to:  Scroll down to the ‘photo of the day’ to find a few photos!

Sometimes when the thought of ‘exercise’ (OMG, I said the “E” word) sets off the rebellion bells and whistles, I tell myself that I’m going out on a photo excursion.  Snapping away, having fun, being creative. My juices get flowing and I tend to walk farther and longer, time permitting, than when I set out to walk hard and fast.  You dig?

Even if you are simply walking your driveway (I know some of you who live outside the city limits have long driveways, some very long – Holy Cow Girl life is fun outside of the big city), take a camera and find something to photograph. Perhaps, I’ll write a blog post about the virtues of “camera walking.”  (OMG again … so many OMG moments this morning, I just came up with that phrase.  I love it.  “Camera Walking!!!”)  Walk and snap!

Speaking of the “E” word, Tushkateer Myrna, a writer in her own write/right, was interviewed by TWIN CITIES [dot] com, Pioneer Press, “Northfield Mom Discovers Pedal Power During 30-Day Bike Challenge.”  Tushkateer Myrna did NOT set out to exercise; not exactly anyway.  Read Myrna’s PEDAL POWER story, and get inspired, get motivated, get pedaling or petaling!

More Tushkateer news, big congratulations to Bev!  Her “Mish Mash Applesauce Recipe” is featured in Taste of Home [dot} com.  Not only is Bev’s recipe a 5 YUM recipe, not only is it easy because you don’t need to peel the apples (sooo happy about that), but it is diabetic friendly and Our Lady of Weight Loss approved! So, click on Mish Mash and enjoy!

And NOW, a Chewing the FAT email change between A.F. and me!

Dear OLofWL (a.k.a. Janice),    Yesterday was truly an awful day, and I realized that if I want to permanently lose weight, then I must follow the bite it/write it rule. “If I bite it, I must write it.”    I want you to know that I am upset to think that I must write ‘it’ down.  This is the worst thing for me to have to do for the rest of my life. …. ~ A.F.

Dear A.F. ~ Before I fully respond to your email, I am asking – not judging – just clarifying, do you mean that keeping a food diary for the rest of your life is the worst thing that could happen to you?  Really, the worst thing that could happen?  Again, no judgment, just clarifying. ~ OLofWL

Dear OLofWL ~ When you put it that way, it does sound silly of me.  Maybe I am a drama queen.  I started writing this morning and it wasn’t so bad after all.  There are a lot of things that I am going to face that will be more dificult than this. …. ~ A.F.

Dear A.F. ~ First I want to say that you are a brave soul.  You spoke your truth, felt your feelings, self-reflected and self-corrected.  When I first started on my journal to Sveltesville, I felt the same way.  I felt that having to limit my intake of food was unfair and burdensome.  It felt like a life sentence.  I was suffering and I had a ‘right to suffer,’ as do you.  And then after we all suffer, we have an obligation to dig deep into our inner-resources, and find a way to do just what you did; deal with ‘the problem’ in a positive way, water the seeds of optimism and move on. Good job!  Brava! ~ OLofWL

Replying to Chewing the Fat emails is always a challenge, because there’s just not enough room on the page for the full enchilada answer.  Nevertheless, it is my hope (and intention) that there is enough on the page to give you a ‘kick in the tush,’ which in turn gets your mental map to shifting a bit, giving you a fresh and happy pespective on this weighty thing called weight loss.

Write Our Lady of Weight Loss.  Tell your truth, share your suffering and your rise to happiness.  Be sure to put “Chewing the Fat” in the subject line, lest your email gets lost in the sauce! OurLadyofWeightLoss [dot] com

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