Feng Shui Tip: Put sharp objects away!

Is your zig in a zag? 
Is your energy stuck on ‘low burn?  Are you in a ‘slump?’

Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, tells us … “Whenever I’m in a slump, the first thing that I do is investigate what might be zapping my energy in my physical space: my home, office, garden and/or car.

I turn to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment.  Feng shui literally means “wind and water.”   The laws of Feng Shui promote prosperity, good health, and general well being through energy flow, a.k.a. qi (pronounced chee).”

If you’re experiencing an energy slump, or just looking to maximize your good energy, you’ll definitely want to know about these 6 energy zappers that are likely to be blocking your energy to one degree or another!
6 Energy Zappers: What is Killing Your Flow?

ENERGY ZAPPER #1:  Okay! Are you ready?  Brace yourself, because the probability of your not liking this tip is ENORMOUS!!!

Television:  I get the attraction of and pull to the television.  I really do.  Because, I love my shows.

But, but, BUT … TV is an energy zapper.

Everything that is broadcast on TV is ‘energy,’ and it effectively ripples out into your home and – ought oh – it contaminates it.   The negativity from the news reports to the off the wall, weird and low energy guests on certain talk shows, streams from your TV straight into your home and ultimately, it zaps energy … your energy!

What to do?  Watch what you love, love, love.  And then … turn off the TV.  Yup, turn it off.  I know that for those of us who are sort of ‘addicted’ to TV, the initial turn to off can be an uncomfortable moment, but in the end, I trust that Good, Clear, Happy Energy is more important to you then sitting endlessly in front of the TV.  So …

… Limit your television to positive shows that you really love and learn from!  Turn off the TV when not watching it.

ENERGY ZAPPER #2.   Where does energy enter the home?  Primarily through your front door!

The Mouth of Chi: The Mouth of Chi is a term used in Feng Shui.  It references your front door; the primarily point of entry into your home, whether you favor that entry point or not.  Your front door serves as a boundary between the “inner” and “outer” words.  It is where energy, people and opportunity enter your home.

If your Mouth of Chi is blocked, cluttered or just plain messy, it can block you from moving forward in life. It can have a negative effect.

If it is bright, well lit, cheery and full of positive energy, your life is more likely to flow in a positive way. Good fortune, blessings and opportunities will be yours.

If you are entering through another door; the back door, the side door, the sliding door, the garage door, then you are in danger of losing sight of your purpose and life path.

Even if you rarely use your front door for very good reason, be sure to make a habit of using it at least once a day.   Perhaps to retrieve mail from your mailbox; or check out the weather in person?

Find a way to utilize your front door daily and again, make sure that it is bright and well lit.   Allow that positive energy to flow in!

ENERGY ZAPPER #3:  Invisible clutter is zapping your energy!  Do you know where it is lurking?

Your closets!   Even though, your closet door is closed and the clutter, dust and ‘old stuff’ are ‘sort of’ invisible, it’s still there; and it is blocking and zapping your energy, and creating feelings of overwhelm.

Open your closet.   Clear out the old stuff; vacuum and dust.  Rid yourself of old, stale and stuffed energy.  Watch your burdens lift!!!

ENERGY ZAPPER #4:  Believe it or not, your bedroom has a two-fold purpose.  It is for ‘relationship’ and relaxation/sleep.  It is a place of ‘calm.’  It is not a place that was designed to hold all elements of your day.

The overly active Bedroom:  Therefore, anything that ‘breaks’ the flow of calm should be removed.   Clear the space of ‘water features,’ i.e. fountains, imagines of water.  Water is considered an active element and an element that contains water.

Clear the space of family photos.  Family photos are perfect for the family room, no?   ‘Taking in’ images of parents, in-laws, even your beloved children can disrupt the stillness, the calm.

Clear out the exercise equipment.  There’s nothing restful about exercise equipment, especially when it turns into a hanger!

Clear out the boxes that are under your bed.  They are blocking air and energy flow and quite possibly having a negative impact on your sex life.

Clear out the computers, cell phones, and the television, too, while you are at it.  Again, there’s nothing restful about taking your laptop to bed; or falling asleep to the local news.

ENERGY ZAPPER #5:  Which room is the heart of your home; a place that generates warmth and vitality?  The Kitchen, of course!

Your kitchen affects all areas of your life.   Keep it clear, clean devoid of sharp objects (put knives in drawers or in wood blocks) and utilize all burners on your stove.

We are creatures of habit, and I know that it is my habit to boil water each and every morning on burner #3 (the left, back burner), because it is closest to where I stand, and it is far enough away from my sleeves – lest I set a fire in that foggy morning moment!).  By using one and only one burner, I am lowering the energy of my home!

Up the energy, create a warm and vital home; use all burners equally!

ENERGY ZAPPER #6:  Where do you start and end your day?

The bathroom.  I don’t know about you, but upon waking, I slip on my pink faux fur bedroom slippers, grab my robe and make my way to the bathroom!  It is the first room I actually see (turn on the lights) and experience upon waking!

The bathroom has the power to set the energy for the day!   Since it is the first stop in my day and I’m not quite awake yet (coffee isn’t even brewing), installing a dimmer switch or a night light can be a nice way to see the ‘light’ of day.  Not a glaring, all at once light; but a soft glow, a slow increase in light.

Keeping it clean and clear of clutter is also important to your energy flow.  Who wants to start the day with a shower filled with gunk? Or a vanity overflowing with hair stuff?   Not me!

Spread the word … NOT the icing!



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