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Did you know that saliva and its resident enzymes are serving both to liquefy and break down the food in your mouth, those morsels that you’ve been chewing on?

It’s true and it’s a good thing.  Because the longer you keep the food in your mouth, the longer you put off scoffing down, the more the saliva keeps flowing and flowing, and the mushier, squishier and squashier the food in ‘there’ gets.  It not only aids digestion, but it also helps your mindful eating attempts, as well.

Here is an amazingly powerful and en’lite’ening Mindful Eating exercise that increases flow of saliva and mindfulness, at the same time!

Step One:

CHEW. Seriously.  Resist all mindless impulses to chew fast and gulp down.

Step Two:

STOP CHEWING. Seriously.  Chew and then STOP!  Allow the food to rest on your tongue.  Simply rest and allow the saliva to flow forward.

Step Three:

PRESS IT. Press the food that is resting on your tongue (you didn’t eat it yet, did you?) up onto your palate.

Step Four:

HOLD IT. Hold the food to your palate for at least 10 seconds.  Whew … long time???

Step Five:

SHIFT IT. Move the food from tongue to palate and back again. Slowly please.

Step Six:

EXPERIENCE IT. Seriously.  Did you know that your palate tasted, too?

Step Seven:

SWALLOW IT. Okay. Now that you have chewed and stopped; now that you have pressed it, held it, shifted it around your mouth and fully experienced it, you can swallow it.

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