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Dear Our Lady of Weight Loss ~ I am looking for some advice. I have struggled for a long while to lose weight. I have tried several diets and the age old exercise and eat healthy routines. I am able to lose a few pounds at the beginning, but after a couple weeks I burn out. I get lazy, go back to my old habits and put the pounds back on.
I have read that to lose the weight and keep it off I have to define what losing the weight actually means to me. I have done this several times and have a list of reasons that seem very real and honest to myself, yet I can never keep the motivation long enough to keep the pounds off. Do you have any advice on how to keep the motivation up and going? Thank you. ~ JenK.
Dear JenK ~ I have so much advice, JenK, I could write a book!!! OMG, I wrote 2 of them. (Ha! I crack myself up.) Seriously, there is a lot I could say! Today, I’ll address a few important points that may make all the difference!
1. Failure is Feedback. You will fail here and there, because failure is a part of the process. When things aren’t going your way; when your action plan isn’t working, it’s time to review and revamp! Failure is merely feedback. Tweak it and move on. No ten year detours allowed!
2. Drowning in Drama. At some point, doubt and fear will surface. When your ‘evil twin’ speaks to you, rather than believe that voice and get sucked into the drama, you need to move back into action, immediately. It takes a strong ‘want power’ muscle to do it, but I know that you have it in you.
3. Go Towards the Positive vs. Pushing Away from Negative. Instead of focusing on the negative habit you want to let go of, look toward your happy, compelling future. For instance, if you want to quit smoking, focus on what a healthy life looks like. Remember, we manifest what we focus on. (Read today’s quote – and chew on it!)
4. Help!!! No woman is an island unto herself. We all need people in our lives that can help and lend support. Make a two column list right now. On the left side list your goals. On the right side, list who can help you!
5. How Excited and Inspired Are You, Really? Are the goals you set your own, or are they coming from the ‘shoulds’ – ‘musts’ and ‘have tos’ that other people have laid upon you? If you are not excited, forgetaboutit.
JenK, I hope that helps!!! Please keep us in your loop and let us know how you are doing. We are with you ‘every ounce of the weigh.’!!! ~ OLofWL
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