The ‘body image’ stars are aligned this week. The NOW Foundation is launching their “Love Your Body” campaign. The “Inner Weigh,” the weight loss documentary that we’ve all been waiting for premieres in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 20, and coincidentally Norman Kamali, fashion icon, kicks off “Wellness Wednesdays” at the Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe in NYC.

Given the confluence of these rivers of wellness, weight loss and body image, I wondered what Norma Kamali thought of it all. I reached out, and here follows my interview with Norma!
JT: Norma, I noticed that you are holding “Wellness Wednesdays” at the Norma Kamali Wellness Café on October 20th, which is the same day that the NOW Foundation is celebrating “Love Your Body Day.” They feel that Hollywood and the fashion, cosmetics and diet industries work hard to make each of us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement.” They are encouraging us to fight back.
NK: Fighting back seems so old fashioned and so does this role that NOW is playing.
There is a much bigger issue to deal with and that is surviving this toxic planet by using healthy solutions for you and your family.
When you do this the body will be fit and healthy and the mind focused and everyone in your family will be conscious about what is important.
Good health breeds beautiful hair, skin, strong fit bodies. What ever our genetic disposition we can strive to be the best version of that.
Yes and being fit and healthy breeds beauty and is empowering.
When you are empowered you can take on life’s challenges with a sense of inner strength that is priceless.

JT: What do you think? Is the fashion industry making us feel badly about our bodies/ourselves?
NK: The fashion industry still uses alot of old methods to show clothing and beauty.
This is changing with new technology and women are more and more involved in making clear what they want and need.
The industry will listen as we all compare and decide using the incredible information available.

JT: How is “Norma Kamali” different? What do you stand for?
NK: I think wellness is the approach I prefer. Understanding our survival on the planet.
JT: In addition, on October 20th, the weight loss documentary, “The Inner Weigh” will premiere in Los Angeles. The Inner Weigh teachers believe that self-acceptance and self-love are key ingredients to a healthy body. (Full disclosure: I am a featured weight loss expert in this documentary.)
What is your definition of a healthy body?
NK: Intake as much plant and organic as possible, keep fit working out in any way you find stimulating and see and feel results. The combination plus stimulating your mind as much as possible creates the healthy body. It is always a work in progress – ebbing and flowing -with life’s challenges.
JT: How did “Wellness Wednesday” come to be?
NK: The conversations event at MOMA was the beginning of the step I have taken to share information and products with people who are looking for solutions. “Wellness Wednesdays” are a more intimate presentation of the same. We think we have created the next dating bar as a result. We see people hooking up in friendships and maybe even more. Like minds looking for each other to share similar lifestyles.
JT: What industry changes have you seen over the years?
NK: So much and very quickly communication and access to so much information is the biggest help to opening up wellness to a broader market. It is the ultimate in luxury to be well.
JT: As a Weight Loss Success Coach, I know that one of the biggest obstacles women face is that they compare themselves to others and thus, do not appreciate their uniqueness. If you heard a someone comparing herself to a fashion model in a pejorative way, what would you say to her? How would you infuse self-love?
NK: I learned in the 6th grade that the girl everyone was in awe of thought she was beautiful and carried herself with a certain confidence that made us believe her. So we need to feel empowered by our bodies and our minds so that we carry ourselves in such a way …. that we tell everyone how beautiful we each are. That has nothing to do with models or celebs. No one can look like another person and for sure we know models and celebs are as insecure as we all are at times.
JT: What is your greatest personal accomplishment?
NK: Hasn’t happened yet! Everything til now varies in degrees of love and hard work. I will know when it happens.
JT: Thank you, Norma. I look forward to visiting with you at the Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe.
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