Quick Weight Loss : CaffeineIn celebration of National Coffee Day, I thought I would re-visit the happy benefits of coffee.
Java Junkies, Rejoice!
Have you heard? Coffee, the most popular drink in America – next to water – may help some lose weight as it increases the number of calories you burn per hour by 44%! Caffeinated coffee increases your metabolism. Cuppa Joe, be mine!

And that’s not all! My cup runneth over with the virtues of coffee.
According to a 10-year study conducted by the University of Bristol, scientists have found that a cup of coffee can sharpen your attention.
Some reports indicate that coffee may reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25%, because it helps to keep you regular. (No need for prunes!)
Coffee may reduce the risk of bladder cancer, skin cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and coffee may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.
Theophylline, a compound in coffee, acts as a bronchodilator. For those with asthma, drinking coffee can lessen symptoms by 25 percent.
Coffee increases your alertness, which may, in fact, allow you to experience the joie de vie!
Now, don’t go hog wild guzzling gallons of the stuff, but it looks as though three or four cups a day (under 2 cups if you’re pregnant) won’t do you any harm.
Drink up!
Coffee Product / Caffeine Range (in milligrams)

Coffee (8-oz cup)
Brewed / 65-120 mg
Instant / 60 – 85mg
Decaffeinated, brewed / 2-4 mg
Decaffeinated, instant / 1-4 mg
Espresso, 1-oz. cup / 30-50 mg
Cappuccino and Latte, 1-oz shot / 30-50 mg
Moccachino, 1-oz shot / 35-55 mg
Full-bodied, dark-roast coffee may contain less caffeine than coffee made from milder, more lightly roasted beans. Arabica beans tend to have less caffeine but are milder in flavor than robusta beans. Also, the caffeine content of prepared coffee beverages may vary depending on the supplier’s recipe formula.
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